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The Staff Planet solution is a human resource management application built to maintain and enhance organizations resources by accurately capturing & registering all employees’ information and as such create an authentic database for your organization.
The Staff Planet application is a robust web base application. The staff planet application automates daily operational processes, eliminates the use of paper and also reduces unnecessary delays in the approval/review of leave, appraisal within the organization.

Leave Management

Transform your organisation’s leave policies into electronic format using Staff Planet Leave management module. It accomodates unlimited leave types, thereby allowing your emlployees to apply for leave and track their leave balances. It provides easy reporting for the HR office and makes it easy to track employee leave taken and balances. It saves you time and makes leave application  management easy for both employee and your HR department.



Conduct seamless appraisals, manage KPIs for employees, engage employees with the Self-assessment features. This module eliminates the bias that is usually associated with the process. It enables you to set key performance indicators (KPIs) for each employee role and measure the critical success element (CSE) for each KPI. In addition to reducing paper work, employees can now attend to their appraisal evaluation from any location. Deploy the module with the Employee Self Service (ESS) to unleash more potential from your team and improve the productivity of your HR team.

Employee Manager

Keep robust information about your employee and eliminate cabinets and papers from your HR office. This module provide for electronic storage of all documents (certificate, queries, letters etc) relating to individual employee. It provides you with easy retrieval of employee information and allows for seamless update of employee record.

Staff Planet Features

Design driven and design led.

Administrator Management

Employee Management

Payroll Management


Performance Appraisal

Leave Management

Recruitment Management


Biometric Time & Attendance

Self Service


  • Creation of Employee Information Database

  • Easy Accessibility to Employees’ information

  • Employee Self-Service

  • Automated Payroll System

  • Performance Appraisal Management

  • Recruitment System

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